Jonathan J. Halperin
Jonathan J. Halperin
Designing Research, Communications
and Strategies for Sustainability

Media Citations

Having the wrong conversation more often never improves anything. Jonathan J Halperin thus engages with and serves as a trusted source for journalists to help reframe issues, provide critical context, and pose new questions, shifting coverage toward the core issues that matter. Sometimes behind the scenes and sometimes quoted, his work in this space includes both servicing clients and shaping the public conversation based on his own research and experience. Examples include the following:

Mr. Halperin has written for and had his views quoted in the following publications across a range of business and policy issues.

Media Highlights


National and International

  • Christian Science Monitor
  • Financial Times of Canada
  • Forbes
  • INC.
  • Los Angeles Times
  • National Journal
  • New York Times
  • Newsweek
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • Scripps Howard News Service
  • USA Today
  • Washington Post

Local & Regional

  • Boston Business Journal
  • Casper Star Tribune
  • Cincinnati Enquirer
  • Eastern Europe Reporter
  • Eastern Europe Times
  • Evening Sun (Baltimore)
  • Jackson Hole Guide
  • New York Post
  • Rocky Mountain Region Report

Trade & Industry

  • Air Cargo World
  • American Oil & Gas Reporter
  • Amicus Journal
  • BLOC
  • Bottled Water Reporter
  • Business and The Environment
  • Business in the USSR
  • Business Information Alert
  • Chemical Week
  • CIRR On View
  • Covering the Pacific Environment
  • Daily Shipping Guide
  • Directory Marketplace
  • DM News
  • East/West Executive Guide
  • Economic Review
  • The Explorer
  • Foreign Trade and Investment Review
  • Geotimes
  • Interflo
  • International Business
  • International Trade and Investment Review
  • Izvestiya
  • ISAR
  • Journal of Commerce
  • JPT
  • Legal Times
  • MEND News
  • Morgan Report
  • NAITA News
  • New Times
  • NWSS News
  • Pacific Fruit News
  • Petroleum Intelligence  Weekly
  • Platt's Olgram News
  • Press-Kur'er
  • Russian Exchange
  • Soviet-American Trade
  • Soviet Business & Trade
  • Soviet Geography
  • Soviet Life
  • SpecialList
  • Surviving Together
  • Sustainability: The Journal of Record
  • Washington Business Journal
  • Water Conditioning and Purification
  • Water Technology
  • Well Servicing
  • Westinghouse Trading Company Compass
  • World Trade

When I began to unhook from SustainAbility in 2008, after 20+ years, to co-found Volans, Jonathan was working with the US end of SustainAbility — and sent the London end of the Volans team a large cardboard box of multi-colored felt rocks, which initially I couldn't make head nor tail of. I thought he was mad, or overly American.

But I have to say that, over time, those felt rocks have become a central feature of the Volans culture, thrown by team members at other team members (or guests) on the slightest provocation. That aside, he's a consummate professional, creative collaborator, skilled communicator, and keen intellect—and I am delighted both to have had Jonathan as a colleague and to now count him as a friend.

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