Jonathan J. Halperin
Jonathan J. Halperin
Designing Our Future
Strategy. Partnership. Communication.

Driving Step Change

The future will not be like the past, and it is coming fast. Don’t miss the memo on this one.

We help business and nonprofit leaders design the future with deep intention, focus, and clarity.  Our work is a collaboration with leaders who understand that going it alone is no longer an option.

We lead and support clients determined to lean into the future, rather than be overwhelmed by it.

Strategy is not a plan, a department, or a function. Strategy today is about defining core purpose – a reason to be in business beyond the bottom line. It is about culture, brand value, insight and over-the-horizon foresight into trends and challenges.

Partnership unlocks new value. The right partnerships drive brand value, protect license to operate, attract and retain talent, and engage thoughtful investors and donors.

Communication is the glue that holds an organization together, internally, and builds loyalty and respect externally. We make sure clients have and use the communication assets needed in today’s dynamic environment.

We believe in purpose – personal, organizational, and social.

We change systems to create a better world – of shared prosperity

We practice authentic leadership – inspiring change, remaining steady, ethical.

We preach a new form of capitalism – regenerative, circular, and with people at the center

We hold that listening is the core of effective communications – so we do it very methodically.

We speak truth to power - especially with clients.

We identify and harness strengths to drive change – because our focus is solutions not problems.

We think in systems, across functions, outside silos – well, duh!

Can we help you? You talk first; we’ll listen carefully.

- Jonathan J. Halperin
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We needed an outside perspective on working with leading corporations and turned to Jonathan to assess our approach, refine our strategy, facilitate internal roll-out and help us execute. He helped us to think big, see new opportunities, reshape our communications and engage internal stakeholders. His counsel and ongoing support has been constructively provocative. Jonathan’s strategic thinking is keen and his facilitation skills are superior; he drills quickly to the underlying issues with a deft combination of determination and diplomacy.

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